Letter To Self

Dear Future Self

I hope things are going well, which I’m sure they are. I’m currently sitting in the hub typing this, and stressing out about the work we’ve been set to do, if you remember assignment 1? I’m sure you’re laughing now after being used to the pressures of second year or the assignments to come! I wonder if any of this has or will come true, but for now let’s say that it has.

At the moment you’re probably very proud with how well you’ve come on as a photographer and as a person. By going to uni you’ve put yourself in an environment that you really hoped to avoid initially. Having to meet new people, actually do some work for a change that kind of thing, as we both know you’re one of the laziest people on the planet. I hope you’ve finally fixed this attitude as it’s getting you nowhere.

As for the photography, at the moment I’m trying to learn different techniques and using different equipment which I’m finding difficult, by the time you’ve read this I’m sure you’ve mastered everything, it’s just that initial learning curve that can be difficult to overcome. I’m going to start thinking more about how I could exhibit work, and maybe start to plan some small exhibitions through the university, so hopefully this went well.

I wonder if you’ve thought about how you’re going to progress your photographic career, or you have an idea of what you want to do after you’ve left? Because I haven’t a clue. Even though we’re taking a photography course, at the moment a full time career as a photographer probably isn’t on the cards as you know photography for us has always been more of a hobby than a career idea. We’d better get thinking, as I’m sure you know the music isn’t going too well either.

I can say now that time really has flown by, and it’s probably gone even quicker for you! You might even remember writing this, while moaning about how you have no money, and how you’re really hungry and I hope you’ve now learnt how to manage your money properly. It’s almost the end of the first term already, and you’ve already managed to learn more about photography than you did for the two years. I really enjoy the darkroom and working on film, so I think I’m going to try and expand my knowledge of this either by using new cameras and different types of film. I think I’m going to have to start challenging myself a bit more, and I hope that this has helped to improve your skills and broaden your knowledge of photography.

So to sum everything up, I plan to challenge myself more and put myself out of my comfort zone so that I can improve my photography. And I’m sure as you know this worked out very well.

From First Year Steve

P.S. I bet you’re glad we came here in the end!


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