Carolyn Lefley – Artist Talk

Carolyn Lefley is one of our lecturers/tutors at the university, and I attended a talk she held about her work, which can be found at this address:

After receiving an MA in Photography and then a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Carolyn went on to produce various works for solo and group exhibitions mostly around London.

The Watchers – 2004

Phil and Mary – 2005 – Carolyn Lefley

Ida 2005 Carolyn Lefley

Eva – 2005 – Carolyn Lefley

These images were in response to the role of the TV in different people’s lives. They are of friends and relatives and were taken on a 120 camera, printed 1m x 1m for exhibitions. They capture the light from the TV in each room and shows how the Television can become a “surrogate member of the family”. In each image there are objects in the room that belong to the person who lives in the house, and so they show different aspects of each person’s personalities. Also, because there is a large difference in the ages of the subjects the viewer can differences and advances in the generations.

Semi-Detached – 2006 – Artists Book

The Hall – 2006 – Carolyn Lefley

The Living Room – 2006 – Carolyn Lefley

The Stairs – 2006 – Carolyn Lefley

These images were an investigation into the similarities in Semi-Detached homes. The images were sequenced to show a “walk around the house” and the images were taken in the same places and then matched up. They were originally intended to show the similarities within the two house, but the images actually show how different two identical house can become when inhabited with different people.

Belonging – 2006 – Final on MA

Belonging #1 – 2006 – Carolyn Lefley –

Belonging #2 – 2006 – Carolyn Lefley –

Belonging #5 – 2006 – Carolyn Lefley –

These images are from the series titled belonging, which takes inspiration from the child’s story Goldilocks and the 3 Bears which Carolyn Lefley sees as a story about a search for identity and a home. These images are all of dolls houses and rooms within them, but they’re made to look like full size rooms. The rooms are eerily lit, which gives a sense of fear which is sometimes a common element in children’s stories. The way the rooms are decorated represents the strange, twisted plots of some children’s stories with the oversized wallpaper and artificial curtains.

I think that Carolyn’s images are very unique, and show how photography can be art, and doesn’t have to be conventional images to do so. They are definitely inspiring and show what different things are possible with a camera. I will definitely use this work as inspiration when I create my own projects in the future.


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