Greater Than The Whole

Greater Than The Whole

The task was to create an image of a subject that cannot be captured in its entirety in one shot. I took my inspiration from my previous photomontage work and from ‘Joiners’ by artists and photographers such as David Hockney, who has used a few different lens based medias including creating a large series of video images to create one large moving image linked here.

I like how Hockney’s joined images and collages arn’t all perfectly matched, as I like the way the chaos of the images put together can still create something that visually looks good. This method can be useful when creating Cubist works, as a subject can be ‘cut and pasted’ into the way the artist sees it.

Below is the piece that I had created after being inspired by Hockney. It is a 360 degree panorama montage of the street that I live on. I intend to create a series of these images so that I can explore this topic in more depth, as I believe the experimentation will help to improve my creativity.


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