Brand-New Topographics

The name ‘New Topographics’ was first used to describe an exhibition in New York in 1975, curated by William Jenkins. The exhibition contained 168 black and white images of the American landscape, which when displayed recieved a very negative reaction. The exhibition changed the boundaries of what could be considered a ‘good’ photographic subject, and has since inspired many works since then including my own. After recieving the task titled ‘Brand-New Topographics’, I researched the exhibition and the various photographers we were given, to inspire the following work.

Some information supplied by this Guardian article .



“Let the subject generate its own photographs. Become the camera” – Minor White

             Open Window


“You have to follow your nose…to have a mental attitude about what you feel good about and yearn for in a picture. Being able to say “I like it” or “I don’t like it” That’s first. – Jan Groover

             Glass Corridor


“I hate nothing more than sugary photographs with tricks, poes and effects. So allow me to ne honest and tell the truth about our age and it’s people.” – August Sander

             Man In Corridor


“I wasn’t imposing my presence on anyone…which is very important for a would be journalist. I stayed back. Always let people be themselves” – Elliott Erwitt



“The immortal photographers will be straightforward photographers, those who do not rely on tricks or special techniques” – Philippe Halsman


“Trust that little voice in your head that says ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…’ And then do it” – Duane Michals

             Car Park


“Photography is, to me, more than a means of expression, more than my particular profession – it is a way of life. And if I were asked to choose one word which holds the key to my work I would select ‘Light’…” – Yoosef Karsh


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